Why Use Injectibles (Dermal Fillers)?

We lose subcutaneous fat on our faces naturally as we age.  This fat loss results in more pronounced smile lines and crow’s feet as the facial muscles work closer to the skin surface.  Lifestyle, heredity, sun expose and facial skin stretching are other factors that can affect your facial skin.

Use Dermal Fillers if you are experiencing early signs of aging, any of the signs above or as an additional benefit to facial rejuvenation surgery.

How Do Injectibles Help?

Injectibles help to restore fullness and volume to the face to help diminish facial lines.

Dermal fillers (injectibles) are used to:

  1. enhance shallow contours;
  2. plump thin lips;
  3. improve the appearance of recessed scars; and
  4. soften facial wrinkles and creases.

Dermal filler toronto

Will it Work for You?

Injectibles is not the solution for everyone.  The conditions of some patients are best corrected with surgeries such as facelifts, eye lift or brow lifts.  Consult with your surgeon.  Minimally-invasive procedures such as Derma Fillers may, however, be helpful in delaying the need for surgery.

Types of Injectibles

  •  Collagen (human);
  • Ploy-l-latic Acid (Sculptra);
  • Botox, Dysport (Botulinum Toxin Type A);
  • Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxylapatite); and
  • Hyaluronic Acid.