Cosmetic Surgery Goals

Problem Definition

Define your problem!  Your specific “problem” – reason for wanting plastic or cosmetic surgery in Toronto or the GTA – may not be complex.  It may be as simple as ‘I just want to be able to go shirtless in public on a hot day without feeling self-conscious about the appearance of my stomach area.’  Simple or complex, once you know what the problem is (‘the excess skin in my abdominal region makes me feel ashamed and uncomfortable showing my body in public’) you can then take steps to solving the problem and defining your goals.

Goal Definition

Your goals should be related to the problem you are trying to solve.  Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Realistic.

Specific:  Be specific with your goals.  “I want to look good” doesn’t help you or your surgeon.  You need to get as specific as practical when defining your goal.  Specify the area(s) you wish to target and exactly what you want to achieve.  Your doctor will help you refine your goals.

Measurable:  The goals you select must be measurable in some way.  This is needed to help you, “at the end of the day”, determine if you have achieved your goals.  You will have goals for your surgeon (intermediate goals that support your main goal) and yourself (primary goal).

Achievable:  Obviously your goal must be achievable.  Right now it is not possible to transform you from a 5’0″ librarian into a 6’0″ runway model.  Your surgeon will help guide you to define an achievable goal with which you will be happy.  Don’t let anyone, surgeon included, pressure you into agreeing to do something that you do not want.  Take as much time as you need to think about the information presented and walk away if it all does not feel right.

Realistic:  Very similar to achievable.  If it’s achievable it is usually realistic.  I’ll talk about time here.  Telling your surgeon that you want a procedure that takes weeks, completed in a few days so that you can make your high school reunion is not realistic.  You want your surgeon to say “No” and work with you to have it done in the proper timeframe or not work with you at all; looking out for your best interest.

When confirming your goals with yourself and your surgeon, make sure you both understand what you desire.  Have him/her repeat it back to you.  Don’t assume that they understood.  Make sure!


Your expectations, like your goals, must be realistic.  Your expectations fall into two categories: physical and behavioural.

Let’s talk about behavioural first.  You control your behaviour.  It is entirely up to you how you react after the completion of your surgery and after your recovery.  Your behaviour will affect how others react to you; and you to them (vicious circle).  Do not assume that everyone will react in the same manner to your physical change once exposed to it.  Some may, some may not.  What matters most is your reaction to the physical change; your action towards others; and your reaction TO the reaction of others once exposed your change.

Now, the physical expectation…this is where your surgeon plays a part again.  Your plastic surgeon will help you refine your expectations.  Your surgeon, after all, does not want to set him/herself up for failure.  Your satisfaction is one of his/her goals.  Work together, partner, and you will achieve what you expect.  This mentality is not, should not be, geographically applicable.  Surgeons in Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, Miami, and on and on should have that mindset.  The entire team is behind you!


plastic surgery team

All, this talk about surgeons.  I bet you’re wondering how to choose the best plastic surgeon in Toronto.