Never look towards others as an example for the benefits of plastic surgery.  Everyone does not experience the same/similar benefits for a host of reasons.  Look at others to determine what can be done and the impact (good and bad) that it had on their lives.  Keep the blinders off, absorb as much information as you can and objectively assess.

Who Profits?

Your immediate answer to this question is probably “the surgeon”.  Yes, the surgeon will make a profit if all goes well.  He/she after all, is in business in the Toronto area to help others and make money.  The answer I was looking for is “YOU”.  If you progress through the various phases of this journey you are undertaking carefully, YOU will profit.  You will have a life changing experience that will positively affect you, and those around you.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

There is some part or aspect of your physical appearance with which you are not happy.  And, you are convinced that a enhancement or reconstructive surgical procedure is the answer to your problem.  Body enhancements or reconstructive procedures can, most likely, correct the physical issue that concerns you.   However, the real benefit is not the physical change.  It is the emotional and behavioural impact that results from the change.  You are not feeling as happy as you feel you could be and are not behaving as positively as you could because of your existing physical concern.  Change the physical to your liking and suddenly you feel more confident.  Confidence will cause a behavioural shift that will in turn cause a behavioural change in those with whom you interact.  The feedback you receive will then reinforce your behaviour and feeling and it will all just snowball.

Successful plastic surgery

A word of caution…there are no guarantees!  Experiencing the aforementioned benefits is possible IF, you take your time and do not rush your decision-making process.  Clearly and logically define your issue as a start.  Make sure the physical part of yourself you wish to change is actually a major contributor to the problem that once resolved, will go a long way in helping you solve your problem.  Then, define your goals.